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1.ur hp model
nokia 5200

2.a picture of it many times did ur hp get totured by u
err..byk kali kot

4.which part of ur hp u hate the most n why
camera. camera x cantik doww

5.which part of your hp u like most n why
keypad kot..senang nk type msg :D

6.what icon do u like the most

7.what else to change to become a perfect hp
urm..x yah tukar la..nk hp bru doww need a handphone bcause
senang nk contact org

9.who bougth this fone for you
sendiri laa

10.with the total ammount of ur hp price,what could u buy others than hp
urm.. ur hp model ppular in the market
suatu ketika dahulu je kot.nta laa

12.describe ur self as a smart hp user
no cmmnt bout this :D often do u charge ur hp
tiap tiap ari huhu..

14.estimate ,how long could ur hp survive
lagi 3 bulan kot..

15.actually r u interested in hp

16.are u happy with ur hp condition now

17.every morning ,wht is the first thing u do with ur hp
tgk la de msg or mizkol x

18.imagine someone takes ur hp away for 1 day..what would happen
ko nak amek hp aku wat pe? ko xde hp? xde effect sgt la.. hp no life.agree or bullshit

20..tag 6 sexy phone users
- Amy
- Yana
- Farahk
- Fawa
- Emira
- Nana


cikdoktorfalsafah(: said...

amy kene tagged ke ?

L said...

yes yess..
anda di tagged :D