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1st tagged by Far

1.Paste pictures of your favourite singer local female and male. and tell the reason why you choose them as your favourite one.
2.Paste pictures of your favourite local actress and actor.and tell the reason why you choose them as your favourite.
3.Lastly tagged of your favourite friend to do this .

My Favourite singer local ( FEMALE )

yg ni mcm ramai je but xtau la nk letak sape :p

My Favourite singer local ( MALE )

You all sure knl nye la sape dye ni kan? yeah dye ni la ANUAR ZAIN. I repeat ANUAR ZAIN. I adore his voice. Gila cair la kalo dgr dye nyanyi + cair tgk muka dye. :p
lagu lagu dye pon best pe kan kan. I adore him laa

My Favourite actress local ( FEMALE )

dye berlakon best ouhh.. Best gila la + suke super duper fashion dye :D ++ suke gle la attitude dye ni :D

My Favourite actor local ( MALE )

ala..L dah cari dah pic dye ni tp x jumpa la..huhu..kalo yg ni kan L minat gle si Zul Zuhaimy berlakon..gila macam real la.. :D

sape sape yg nk :D

2nd tagged by Far

1.Besides your lips,where is your favourite spot to get kissed? by whom?
- Hahaha

2.How do you feel when you woke up this morning?
- Happy kot

3.Who was the last person you take a photo with?
- my friends (Arra, Siti, Syaz, Yiyien, Wawa, Nina, Mimie, Mya, Fana, Nan)

4.Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
- nope

5.Would you donate blood?
-kalo ade peluang la

6.Have you ever had a best friend who is of the oppossite sex?

7.Do you want someone dead?
- nope

8.What does your last text message said?
- hot stroy :D

9.What are thinking of right now?
- nak masuk U

10.Do you wish someone was with you now?
- yeah!! Arra!

11.What time did you go to sleep last night?
- 2.30 am

12.Where did you buy the tshirt you are wearing now?
- ni jersey netball la syg

13.Is someone on your mind right now?
- i think so

14.Who was the last person who text you?
- Siti

15.Peoples tagged to do this quiz:
1-10 sape sape je yg nak

16.Who is you are having relationship with?
- my laptop :D

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