shopping time

i slept at 10am and woke up at 1.41pm. thanks dear cause woke me up. woke up and did some exercise. then skype-ing with him. mama called me at 2.34pm. she said she want to take me at Cyberia and go for shopping. take shower and yeah im ready for shopping. shopping is a treatment rite? hee. mama called me and she said she's at guard house. i only wearing shirt, jeans, jacket and sneakers. simple. mama and ayah took me to Alamanda. nothings there. but i just bought some facial product. then they took me to Subang. 1st i went to Empire Subang. then i went to Subang Parade. shopping here and there. YEAYY! its release my tension. after tired of shopping, we bought mcD for berbuka. then we went back home. i mean my home at Shah Alam. 9.30pm Affif fetch me at my house. 10pm i arrive at Cj, savely. thanks Affif Azmi!

i've spent a lot of money today. Boros betul laa. don't be like me. just buy what you need not what you want. haha.


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