just went back home from Old Town White Coffee. Sahur with AK (Ahmad Kamal), one of my my fren which is my classmate. He gave me Kinder Bueno because he knows i'm stress. Chocolate can reduce stress. and yes, after eating chocolate and drink some enriched chocolate, i feel better. Actually, i takde selera nak makan but he force me to eat. he said my face look so pale. then, i order curry mee. after my curry mee sampai, i only ate quarter bowl. At least i makan kan? after makan, i and AK lepak lepak and sembang about my prob. then he said blablablabla. yeah i got solution for one of my probs. he is the second person that makes me laugh and smile for today. thanks AK for the sahur and thanks for being a good fren to me. he also gave me a cute hair rubber band. THANKS AK :)

cute rubber band

I think i'll stop right here. it's raining outside and i want to sleep.


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