Him :)

He makes my heart melt,
He cheers me when I’m upset,
He always support me,
He likes spending his time with me,
He makes me feel that I’m alive.

I love the way I feel when I am with you.
I feel so safe and loved in your arms.
I miss your loving when you aren't with me.
I couldn't have dreamt of a better mate.
I thank God for placing you in my life.
I adore you, my little Babbit!

You make me happy.
You are so much fun to be around.

'He' in my post is Afrizal Adib.
The guy who always in my mind and my dreams.
The guy who I love.

Happy 1st monthly anniversary sayang. I am proud to have you in my life. Your thoughtfulness touches my heart. Your desire to help means a lot. You are my endless melody and you’re so much better than any guy I ever met. There is nobody I would rather be with than you. Thank you for your love and thanks for being such a great boyfriend. I love you.


Arra Abdul Aziz said...

Haha! my only madu.takee good care of lyeen.or imma kick ur A** haha.happy anniversary babe.

Lyeen said...

hee. thankss babe <3 <3