oke today macam ada 2 stories. 1st i ada class at 8am and i woke up at 7am. mandi mandi, siap siap semua, pegi la class. duduk jap then tunggu lecturer masuk. then dia knl kan nama dia and ckp sikit for 3 mints, class habis -_- baik baik tak payah dtg class kalau macam tu. andd 2nd story. td sampai je kat rumah i mean my hometown, online ushar twitter and i saw one tweet from Aliawati. She said about result then i check my result, tak kuar pun. then double check. YES reult dah kuar. what?? RESULT DAH KUAR. oke fine. check2 and Alhamdulilah pass semua and pointer oke oke la. hee. now ada semangat nak study and work hard. nak naik kan pointer tuu. :)

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